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Changing Education system | Margret Rasfeld | TEDxTUWien

Facing the huge global challenges we have to enable students to be globally responsible, innovative, emphathetic human beings with the potential and courage to act, in relationship self to self, self to other human beings, self to our planet, used to take responsibility. For make that happen, education system change is a fundamental urgency.

Margret Rasfeld built up a school in Berlin, which become role model for paradigm change, radically putting students in charge, with subjects in life as responsibility, challenge and intercultural experience. As a change maker and for more impact Margret founded the initiative school in transformation – “Schule im Aufbruch” - as an actually powerful bottom up movement in Germany, Austria and Poland, schools learning from one another. Stop talking, acting!

Critical pedagogy is a philosophy of education and social movement that has developed and applied concepts from critical theory and related traditions to the field of education and the study of culture.[1] Advocates of critical pedagogy view teaching as an inherently political act, reject the neutrality of knowledge, and insist that issues of social justice and democracy itself are not distinct from acts of teaching and learning.[2] The goal of critical pedagogy is emancipation from oppression through an awakening of the critical consciousness, based on the Portuguese term conscientização. When achieved, critical consciousness encourages individuals to affect change in their world through social critique and political action.

Prof. Lani Florian - Inclusive Pedagogy

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