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Andrew Smith from the Campaign Against Arms Trade talks about the UK's willingness to sell military equipment and police equipment to despot countries and terrorists around thw world for a quick buck.
Writer Will Self exposes how euphemism, jargon and obfuscation are used to disguise the deadly trade of selling arms to tyrannical regimes. Even As Gaddafi's forces were being destroyed in battles that pitted British weapons against other British weapons, more of the same were being sold to authoritarian regimes in the Middle East.
Andrew Feinstein speaks at Oslo Freedom Forum 2012
Inside the Global Arms Trade. Andrew is speaking at the GlobalNet21 House of Commons meeting on November 18th. Andrew Feinstein was elected an ANC MP in South Africa in 1994. He resigned in 2001 in protest at the government's refusal to allow an unfettered investigation into a £5bn arms deal. He chairs the Aids charity Friends of the Treatment Action Campaign, and is a director of the anti-corruption organisation Corruption Watch. He is the author of After the Party: A Personal and Political Journey Inside the ANC; and an updated edition of his book “The Shadow World: Inside the Global Arms Trade.â€
The selling of arms is what makes warfare work and it is one of the biggest profit making industries on earth. If corporations were to stop selling arms, wars would instantly cease. During the 1st and 2nd World Wars arms companies were in a panic when the wars came to an end for they lost a lot of profit. Over the years many people have blamed wars on religion. They totally ignore the geopolitical motives of governments and the arms companies that benefit from it. We will see why wars will never come to an end.