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This video was produced by the Global Climate and Health Alliance to coincide with their recent briefing report (

It explains how climate change threatens human health - and why this

An interview with UCL's Prof. Hugh Montgomery

This interview, filmed for the launch event of the 'Royal Free Goes Green' scheme, makes the links between climate and health and the need for NHS sustainability. The aim of the launch event during Climate Week 2013 is to engage staff in the subject of sustainability and show how it can work in synergy with the cost savings that need to be made across the NHS - benefitting patients, the public, and the planet.

Professor Patrick Bond, School of Development Studies, University of Kwazulu-Natal, Durban, South Africa gave this keynote address at a recent conference on Climate Change and Global Health at the Department of Global Health at the University of Washington in Seattle. Dr. Bond discussed climate change in the context of a social justice issue, addressed the reasons behind the failure of global governance to deal with it,
In the WHO European Region, climate change has already caused deaths and suffering from heat-waves, storms, floods, droughts and changes in infectious disease distribution.
Assoc Prof Linda Selvey speaks on Climate Change and Global Health at iDEA 2014, Doctors for the Environment Australia's national conference.
This film explores the growing link between global environmental change, psychological and mental health challenges. Grounded in his research in the 'think and do' tank, MaRS Discovery District-Brandon Hey examines the current state of institutional framings and responses to emerging (climate-induced) psychosocial threats in the city of Toronto, Canada.
Hugh Montgomery, Professor at University College, London chaired the Commission set up by UCL and The Lancet on the effects of climate change on global health.

Climate change threatens to undermine half a century of progress in global health, according to a major new report produced by the Lancet/UCL commission on health and climate change, a collaboration of dozens of experts from around the world, and is backed by Margaret Chan, head of the UN World Health Organisation