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Soil-free agriculture [English]: Yuichi Mori at TEDxTokyo
Dean is a 1994 graduate of the University of Chicago with an AB in Economics. After being a floor based derivative market maker for a few years, he moved to Philadelphia and then Dublin to trade convertible bond securities. Always bothered by the assumption of infinite growth in the field of economics,
Matt Waits, '99 agricultural economics, is CEO of SST Software, an industry leader in agricultural information management. He led Stillwater-based SST Software to develop an enterprise-level data-management platform that encompasses essential components for meeting site-specific farm management.
For some scientific solutions to food scarcity are less important than political ones. Listen to Sarah Liebermann from Christ Church who argues it is allocation that is the crucial factor and this can be affected by all sorts of causes.
Special Rapporteur on human rights and food tells how he defined terms such as free trade subsidy and hunger … A Segment from the documentary ‘We Feed The World’ by Erwin Wagenhofer
Hans Rosling explains, why population groth does not necessarily increase food scarcity.
What environmental, societal and economic forces are reshaping the global context for food security? Dimensions to be addressed: – Changing climate and weather patterns – Addressing demands of an emerging global middle class – Strengthening efficient agricultural value chains .
By 2050 there will be 9 billion people on the planet – but will there be enough food for everyone? Food security expert Dr Evan Fraser guides you through a whiteboard presentation of his solution to the Global Food Crisis.