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This lecture provides a short overview of Korean history, politics, and North Korea. Intended to introduce broad themes in Korean history to a general audience, the lecture emphasizes Korea’s historical and contemporary international relations, its dynamic experiences during the 20th century, and a discussion of the people of North Korea.
Add a note to this video.International Editor Lindsey Hilsum meets Shin Dong-hyuk, who for the first 23 years of his life knew nothing of life outside the walls of the gulag in North Korea. When the 13-year-old Shin heard his mother and brother plotting to escape he reported them — they were executed. Now he is telling the world his story..
Why did North an South Korea divide? A brief history of Korea.
Mike Chinoy discusses with Dr. Yoo Ho-Yeol, Director and Professor of North Korean Studies at Korea University the political transitions taking place on the Korean peninsula. Particularly interesting is the description of the highly neurotic relations within the family of the Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un.
This video discusses the situation of the prisoners in the work-camps and of the refugees that try to escape to China. An impressive Interview with a Chinese representative illustrates the Chinese position.
North Korea today is home to a network of several dozen concentration camps, hosting over 250,000 political prisoners and their families. North Korea is a prison state- there are no freedoms of religion, speech, movement, assembly- even the right to leave the nation is barred from the people
North Korea would not survive without the support of China. Follow this debate to better understand the mentality and strategy of Chinas politics of power.