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Prof. Ian Bryden â€“ Sustainable Technology: Meeting Our Future Needs and Aspirations. This talk will cover what is meant by sustainable engineering, including what is meant by engineering itself. Professor Bryden will introduce some of the tools used to assess sustainability and then considered the increasingly difficult issues associated with long term development....
Michel Bauwens talks about a techno-social-project in Ecuador. He can see  a rise of local community-oriented economics with new food supply chains. This is possible because new technologies reduce the transaction and communication costs.
Niko Peach is describing scenarios for a post-growth economy at the Degrowth Conference in Leipzig in 2014. According to him technical development cannot stop climate change as we use technology and knowledge to plunder the planet. We have to overcome growth paradigm and reduce growht. But what are the charactaristics of an economy wihout growth? Niko Peach analyses the growth drivers to identify ways out.
Alice Hooker Strout describes alternative energy strategies for the UK.