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Craig Newmark believes democracy is more efficient via the web, which 'scales up person-to-person communications...into the millions.'
An interesting interview with a Swiss Government Minister about the Swiss system of direct democracy. go to video
BC Citizens` Assembley – Part 1 The video produced by the BC Citizens’ Assembly describing the process the assembly went through and some details about their recommended Single Transferable Voting system (STV).e to this video...
BC Citizens’ Assembley – Part 2 Description of the Single Transferable Voting system and a short overview of the vote counting process.
Innovations in Participation: Citizen Engagement in Deliberative Democracy. Democratic governance depends on citizen participation to mitigate corruption, harness public energy, and remain responsive to community needs.
The ANU Centre for Deliberative Democracy and Global Governance’s collaborative research studies on deliberative democracy.
What makes us to be concerned of a common good? According to Axe Honneth, the virtues: cooperative political decision making, tolerance, empathy, concern for the common good cannot be produced by democracy itself. He regardes  the theory of education as the twin-sister of political theory.
Growing participatory and deliberative democracy – Making Good Society. The crisis of legitimacy of representative democracies and trends towards localism suggest that civil society organisations have a critical role to play in challenging and enriching representative democracies. Civil society is and will continue to be critical to pioneering more participatory and deliberative tools that engage people of all ages and backgrounds in decision making processes.
Could deliberative democracy be the key to solving some of the world’s seemingly insurmountable problems?
From Germany: What is Liquid Democracy? – NetrootsUK Blogger Jon Worth talks to visionOntv about Liquid Democracy and the German Pirate Party, and how UK political parties can learn from them.