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Noam Chomsky: Who Owns the World? Resistance and Ways Forward
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Hannah Arendt “Zur Person” Full Interview. In German with English subtitles. Hannah Arendt discovered the space between humans. While acting within this space, we can experience freedom.
Caroline Smalley is Co-Founder of The Citizens Media®  (CM): a people-powered initiative designed to help change it up.Caroline’s vision is to move finance into a sustainable, people-centric economy. To achieve this, she proposes connecting and supporting communities in the production of tools and services that enable us to increase our own livelihoods.
Manuel Castells, will speak on “The financial crisis from 2008-2012 and the response from the grassroots: alternative economic cultures and social movements.” Professor Castells will provide an analysis of the economic crisis, and then explore the relationship between social movements such as Occupy Wall Street and alternative cultures
Karl Marx: We can’t say Karl Marx didn’t warn us: capitalism contains the seeds of its own destruction. In their chase for ever higher profits, the capitalists shed workers for machines. The higher return on capital means that the share of profits rises and the share of wages falls, and soon the mass of the population isn’t earning enough to buy the goods capitalism produces
Adam Smith: A summary of Adam Smith’s Wealth of Nations – Introduction: Of the Plan of Work The first of hopefully many videos summarizing Adam Smith’s Wealth of Nations chapter by chapter. In this introduction he talks about his basic premise, which is the importance of labor and its productivity, and the five books encompassed in his big ass book. Go to related videos below this video to find the complete series.