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Asset Based Community Development

Asset Based Community Development (ABCD) builds on the assets that are already found in the community and mobilizes individuals, associations, and institutions to come together to build on their assets—not concentrate on their needs. An extensive period of time is spent in identifying the assets of individuals, associations, and then institutions before they are mobilized to work together to build on the identified assets of all involved. Then the identified assets from an individual are matched with people or groups who have an interest or need in that asset. The key is to begin to use what is already in the community.

ABCD draws out strengths and successes in a community's shared history as its starting point for change. Among all the assets that exist in the community, ABCD pays particular attention to the assets inherent in social relationships, as evident in formal and informal associations and networks.

Cormac Russell explains Asset Based Community Development

Cormac Russell, Managing director of Nurture Development, explains the philosophy that lies behind Asset Based Community Development (ABCD.)

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ABCD Animation

Asset Based Community Development (ABCD) is an approach to community development, as well as a way of thinking and seeing. This animation explains the basics of ABCD - which is the way we work at Calabash Trust.

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Jim Diers Part 1 of 2

As Director of Seattle Department of Neighborhoods, Jim Diers managed the development of 13 little city halls, 37 community-driven plans, 75 community gardens, and a Neighbourhood Matching Fund that has supported more than 3,500 community self-help projects.Through the use of numerous examples on his presentation, he explores the key steps towards fostering effective community-government partnerships.

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Professor John McKnight: Describe what you mean by "Services cannot deliver well-being."

“There were a lot more relationships among people to support each other. That a neighbor meant something more than the person who lived next door.We didn’t have anything like the kind of support programs that we have now Unemployment Comp or Social Security, any of those things, Medicaid.”

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John McKnight - I'm Still Learning

John McKnight, co-founder of the ABCD Institute, is a giftedstoryteller.

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Asset map movie

A Croydon local resident shares her learning on Asset-Mapping and how she is currently using it.

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ABCD Festival: Peter Kenyon

This is a 40 minute film of Peter Kenyon’s speech to the Asset Based Community Development Festival.

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ABCD Festival: John McKnight Keynote Speech

In this 30 minute film John McKnight gives his keynote speech about the history, practice and future of Asset Based Community Development.

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