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Democracy & The Voluntary Sector

The role of the voluntary sector in our society is crucial and is essential for the health and vibrancy of civil society. A truly democratic society is one with an active and vibrant voluntary sector.

A flourishing voluntary sector enables a positive contagion to ripple out to achieve the following outcomes: healthier happier citizens, a stronger democracy, more resilient, better targeted services and sizeable economic savings.

So how do we encourage and expand the voluntary sector in our different communities. How do we make it thrive and grow?  

Introduction to civil society studies

An overview of the scholarship on civil society, some basic concepts and theories used in its study, including social movements and policy communities.

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Civil Society in Wales

In the second of our 'A stable, sustainable settlement for Wales' series Dr Rebecca Rumbul discusses her research on the capacity of civil society in Wale

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What is CIVIL SOCIETY? What does CIVIL SOCIETY mean? CIVIL SOCIETY meaning, definition & explanation

Civil society is the 'aggregate of non-governmental organizations and institutions that manifest interests and will of citizens.' Civil society includes the family and the private sphere, referred to as the 'third sector' of society, distinct from government and business.

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Growing participatory and deliberative democracy animation (2010)

Growing participatory and deliberative democracy - Making Good Society. The crisis of legitimacy of representative democracies and trends towards localism suggest that civil society organisations have a critical role to play in challenging and enriching representative democracies. Civil society is and will continue to be critical to pioneering more participatory and deliberative tools that engage people of all ages and backgrounds in decision making processes

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The role of the voluntary sector | Dr Eddy Hogg | Think Kent

We all engage with the voluntary sector and with voluntary organisations on a regular basis. As volunteers, donors, beneficiaries or in other roles, voluntary organisations touch all of our lives in a wide range of ways. Given this key role, a number of influential social thinkers have sought to explain the significance of a strong voluntary sector to a strong society. 

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